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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  October 2, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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i want to show you from the force of the crash. it pushed this black suv all the way over. as well as the next five cars. they're now all on an angle. >> . the car company in denver first opened its doors more than 30 years ago. >> . and in all that time,. >> unbelievable. >> the owners never seen anything like this. >> . no this is worse than hail damage. >> 6 of the best vehicles. now totaled.
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that's when the driver lost control. >> he it the poll so so hard. and ricocheted. bounced over to the south north side of the street. >> . plowing. into the dealership. >> . i was just like i hope he's okay. >> police tell us no one was hurt. but that driver was arrested. for drunk driving. >> there was bottles of alcohol. and liquor. >> this family now tries to clean up the mess. they're trying to figure out how to pay for it. >> . it will be hard to recover. 40 thousand dollars cash. >> more than a third of the annual sales. that at this mom and pop shop. >> it was a lot of damage.
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isthis all happened between souh dayton. along east florida avenue. at 2:45 a.m. >> . happening tomorrow. if you didn't get to drive along mount evens road this summer. you're tkpwoeubg to going to hae to wait. the road is already closed from summit lake to the top.
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echo lake to the summit. for the season. weather permitting that stretch will reopen next year. on the friday before memorial day. >> . new at 9:30. a medical breakthrough. that is giving older dogs a new lease on life. it's nothing short of a miracle. getting up there in age and woke up one morning unable to walk. tha*bgs thanks laze eur therapy. he's doing better than ever. >> . you don't get the name blue. without looking the part. >> i want to try something different. >> .
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who offer something different. >> it induces a small amount of movement in the spine. with a rapid amount of force. >> . she uses a technique called veterinary manipulation. >> we have a 93 percent success rate with this. and cannot harm the dog. or cause injury. >> . it's not her only tool with a light touch. >> it totally relaxes him. >> for more than a decade. she specialized in low level laser therapy. >> . it goes right thr harness. >> . it's about 3 minutes long. >> . after two week of treatment. blue turned the corner. >> . he walked in the office and cried. >> . they were so so happy. >> . his office is full of pictures and patients with similar stories. >> . he had a constantly shaking in the left shoulder. and leg. and no pressure on the leg at all. after years of trying to help her dog.
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but notfor long. >> . he was able to put his leg down. able to walk. first time in eleven years. >> . she was so convinced that she also became a patient. >> . it's probably about 50, 50. at this point. >> . that includes the laser therapy. >> . >> she had reason to be skeptical. she also had a wound that wouldn't heal. >> . i was in and out of the hospital. wauz of because of the infectio. >> she tried something different.
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money well spent. blue has a new lease on life. >> i'm so happy he's still here. i couldn't be happier. >> . we have gotten to know blue over the past year or so. and the improvement is amazing. you're probably wondering about the cost. sessions can cost any where from 25 to 75 dollars. most are part of a treatment package. he goes in once every couple weeks. he just celebrated his 13 birthday. >> . such a sweet boy.
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presidential election. new york times report publishes information on republican nominee 1995 tax returns. according to to the time the documents show in 95 he reported a 960 million dollar loss. the report citing tax experts said that trump could have used his loss to legally avoid paying federal income tax. for up to 18 years. the trump campaign released a statement saying the gop nominee has paid hundred of millions of dollars in other taxes. estate tax. >> . he will be in colorado tomorrow. for a couple of events. starting with a pueblo rally. at three o'clock. and then the republican nominee will make his way up to love land. for a six o'clock rally. at the bud wiser event center. doors for the hrof land event open at 3. tickets are available. at a first come first serve
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>> . the debate to keep an eye on tuesday. indiana governor and democratic senator tim cane are going head to head. in virginia. >> . all set to start seven o'clock sharp. tuesday night. >> . fans from all over the world in seattle. showed up at a bookstore to meet the one and only bruce spring is teen. >> . in his book the superstar shares personal experience. from his childhood. in new jersey. to his rise to stardom. born to run. is now on sale. >> . sure it's a very interesting read.
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a lamb on the lamb. in chicago -fpl making a break from the slaughter house. >> . take a look at the video. captured saturday. showing that lamb darting down the street. after it bolted from the slaughter house. dodging cars while a worker chased it for about ten minutes. eventually corner. not willingly. and butt into the back of a truck. >> . amazing video. captured the weekend. hot air balloons as far as the eye can see. a time lapse video. showing the start of the international balloon festival. five hundred hot air balloons will take part.
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>> . it looks like so much fun. so colorful. >> . i've been down there. it's worth going to.
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and look at the track of the storm. right through haiti and cuba here. and on the east side. where haiti is that's where it will be the strongest. where all the pwapbtd come up from the south. bringing storm surge on land. where the winds are going to be most fierce. most likely as it comes in. as a major hurricane. a category 4. sometime tuesday afternoon. or so. then from there. scoots to the tphort north. and makes a left hand turn. and notice the end of the track here. as far as our forecast goes. sometime wednesday evening. right over the baja mas. towards the southeast at atlantic coastline of the united states. somewhere from the florida coast. through georgia and south carolina. most likely. it's very uncertain.
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tomorrow afternoon. so tkpw et used to it. it will be a windy stretch. over the next day. day and a half. as temperatures today for the fourth time in five days hit 80 degrees downtown. 81 for the high. in the city. upper 70s low 80s on the eastern plains. mid 80s in the southeast corner. and still warm in the mountains today. how about that. 60 and 70s with a nice flow from the south. bringing in the unseasonal warmth this afternoon.
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now. still nice and comfortable. for early october. 64 in greeley. 63 downtown. >> a pocket of rain just to the east of fort collins. earlier on. that has moved off. into southern wyoming. from here. it's quiet. skies all e will be a beautiful sunrise. early tomorrow morning. lows in the 50s. a tpheus big ridge over the jet stream. still in place arbd around the rockies. another day with highs in the. that influence from the ridge. the last day we'll see it tomorrow afternoon. a cold pocket of air prepares to move our way. a pair of cold fronts will usher in the monday night into tuesday. the second coming in with a re-enforcing shot. sometime wednesday night.
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drastically. it will be a noticeable difference from the 80s monday. to the 60s on tuesday. perhaps some spots. by thursday morning. not escaping the upper 50s. rather thursday afternoon. so big changes. more fall like certainly. ore over the next few days. 53 over night tonight. just a few clouds. otherwise a mountain of rain and snow. possibility. especially in the south and central mountains. otherwise breezy here. around the city. upper 70s low 80s again tomorrow afternoon. 82 in commerce 83 downtown. low 80s in the southeast corner of the state. >> . plenty of sunshine all day long. winds as high as 30 miles per hour. then the changes kick in. spao the mid 60s tuesday and wednesday. low 60s on thursday. could see rain on thursday afternoon. and really thursday morning. around the city. but. it's going to be cold enough. thursday morning. that one or two spots palmer divide and foothills. we'll confine it to. could see a couple flakes of snow mixing in. >> .
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>> . i will. >> . don't tell me twice.
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all right. trevor siemian down. lynch up. different quarter back. a second quarter injury today. still the same result for the broncos. another win. just keep rolling them in. for the second straight week. another convincing win.
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to boot. >> thr*ef trevor siemian entered play coming off the 4 touch down performance. in cincinnati. today at tampa on his very first throw of the game. picking up where he left off. eleven yard strike to demaryious thomas. all set up by an interception. broncos quick out of the gate. 7 to nothing. speaking of talib. how about another inter-sepbgs. interception. two picks on the afternoon. remember he was drafted by the bucks back in 2008. happy homecoming for the broncos turn both of the picks into touch downs. this time it's anderson. barreling in from a yard out. 14 to 7. skip ahead second quarter. here's where the injury occurs. breaks through, sacks trevor siemian. and i mean violent sack. check it out. slow motion spins him. throws him to the turf. left shoulder injury. down he goes. away he goes on the cart. he wouldn't return. he did rush to return to the sideline.
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the reek key. the rookie. now this in the fourth quarter. rips one down the sideline. demaryious thomas. that will go if for a 31 yard pitch and catch. his first career nfl. have one. >> . the catch the cart wheel. five yard strike. 27 to 7 broncos at that point. now after that there was a rather bizarre moment. 90 minute weather delay. massive amounts of rape. a lot massive amoun that finished up the game. broncos were ready for it. von miller and wolf. meet up for the sack. final score. 27 to 7. >> . more tests on the shoulder tomorrow. important to note. he was on the sideline. and ready to go as the back up quarter back.
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the shut down performance from tampa. >> . far be it for me to question the wisdom of one mark twain. it turns out she really can go home. after all. >> . a first round pick of the bucks back in 2008. he says he loved his but none better than today. when he tormented them for two picks. >> . to be able to put on a show like that. in front of the fans. that i still have in tampa. it was special. >> . he was only part of the story. the broncos one for the 26 straight time. when winning the turn over battle. which they did today. by a plus 3. >> .
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>> . that's how good we are. we make you do what we want you to do. >> . we'll play our defense. our scheme. >> . you have to adjust. we'llkeep doing what we do. >> . another game of imposing their will. neutralizing. sending him off the field with 4 straight 3 and out. >> . o*p obviously some of the tainted by the injury to quarter back trevor siemian. his back up lynch was tremendous. in his stead. >> . with the broncos in tampa. >> . all right. nascar today. dover international speed way. all the drivers out there. once again the lone denver base driver that claims the checkered flag. continue the quest for a
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they got it going on. also big news. cu buffs football team. is ranked. 21 in the nation. much more on that coming up. >> . as well as the rockies final game. at coors field. >> . the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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